Friday 12 July, 2024

SPAZIO 29 NYC: The Hotel Chelsea Vibe


The Chelsea, mostly known as Hotel Chelsea is probably the most old-school artist hub in New York City. Established in 1884, it has been a nucleus for numerous creative individuals producing their art and contributing to world culture. From Bob Dylan to Bon Jovi and from Mark Twain to Jim Morrison almost every genre of artistic persona left their footstep at this iconic place. This philosophic mansion is not only a part of history but also involves the stigma of being a haunted hotel as many notable artists either died or experienced a traumatic incident. However, we (NYAL) believe what does not kill you makes you famous and the Hotel Chelsea is now stronger than ever and transforming the ideology to the new generation. For instance, Spazio29 NYC is cherishing the same concept and offers a soothing environment for the artists who want to talk about art with someone discussing the same topic. Ironically, located in the same neighborhood, exactly a 10-minute walk (according to the Google Map) from the actual Hotel Chelsea. Although they believe in a similar philosophy, the best part of Spazio29 NYC is the freshness because it belongs to 2022 where you can smell the art.

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