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Social Media and the Growth of Art:


5 Tips for Influencers.

It has been long known that social media can be an asset to sell products, promote a business, and help an artist grow. But the process
is quite crafty and takes time. There are many people who don’t know which steps to take, therefore becoming frustrated and not trusting
the process. This leads to giving up and not giving social media a chance. However, there is evidence that social media can be a great
tool to utilize when connecting with other like-minded people and sharing a passion for something like art.

  • #1. Utilizing Social Media Platforms
    Many different platforms have become helpful to artists and influencers over the years. From the beginning of sharing art, YouTube was a very successful and powerful platform for artists such as singers who shared their songs, covers, and musical snippets with people who enjoyed them. There are many artists who have acquired their supportive community by being active in those platforms, such as Justin Bieber. He rose to fame by sharing his music on YouTube from the young age of 12. He gained many followers from YouTube which continue to follow his journey.

#2. Continuous Work and Practice
Many artists have a passion for their area of artistry. Their love for the art makes them want to share it with everybody else, and enjoy the beauties of creating and collaborating with people who appreciate theirskill. It is a very challenging and demanding task; to continue a practice, to submit art, to share work and to continue in order to gain a following. Many people give up too soon or turn to fake followers as they feel unseen. But the true key to success online is to be consistent, persistent, and to believe in one’s work. Successful influencers who trust themselves secures their success as they continue listing their work connecting with followers early on.

#3. Being Updated
As times change, trends will change and so will social media platforms. Through the years, Instagram and Snapchat have become more and more popular, each serving a different purpose for artists and individual users alike. For many people, these platforms are for sharing pictures of personal daily life and to connect with friends and family. Many use it to share their art or to sell products. There are unlimited uses for these apps. But an artist can keep their followers up to date by listing regularly about their work, their personal life, by sharing their inspirations and showing upcoming projects that will keep the followers engaged.

#4. Being Open to New Opportunities
There are other times where a social media presence can even have a positive impact a person isn’t aware of at the time. For instance, many brands and collaborators find their influencers on Instagram and Snapchat. They find someone who is a creative and exhibits positive energy through their pictures, videos, and works they share with other people. Other collaborators can see how an artist communicates with their followers through these platforms, which can create more and more opportunities for the artist.

#5. Patience
But the question is, how does someone achieve an online success even after applying these steps? It cannot be done overnight. There are countless follower services that will sell you followers, but a true community is formed through the sincere sharing of art and interest for it. There has to be engagement for a social media presence to take form and follower sellers cannot do that for artists. So, an artist must not give up practicing and sharing their practice with the world. Sakshi Chopra is a great example; she is an incredible singer who shares her artistic endeavors with people all around the world. She began uploading her covers on YouTube, where the bulk of her followers came from, and then continued with other social media channels.

This was the route Sakshi Chopra took which grew her followers through the years. By the time she hit 100K followers, she had a meet and greet which opened up even more opportunities in her community. She was then recognized by brands and media
companies which expanded her areas of work in the art world. She was also immensely open and welcoming to new opportunities such as modeling. This is how Sakshi Chopra connected with many amazing artists, brands, and designers who have a strong social media presence. It is also very important to be open and welcoming to these opportunities, as the energy is radiated through one’s images and interactions online. The first step is believing in yourself and never being someone else. Being unique is not difficult. But it is easy to fall into the belief that there are other outside elements that will help an artist succeed. All that an artist will need to succeed is already embedded in their work and their character. Each person has a unique perspective, and they can bring something fresh and unseen to the table. So the process of bringing that uniqueness to life and sharing it with others is essential. With continuous work and support, a person can slowly build a community with people who appreciate them. Sakshi Chopra is evidence that social media can be an artist’s true asset.

influencer Chopra Sakshi
Influencer Sakshi Chopra.
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