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It is no wonder how much New Yorkers love street food by ordering from numerous food trucks all over the city. From a morning coffee bagel to evening lamb over rice, these delicious cuisines are always the favorite of working-class people and tourists. Have you ever wondered what happens to all these food trucks at night? However, some food vendors operate 24/7 but some are not. Most of the carts are stored in garages and more specifically on the western corner of Midtown, Manhattan. Food vendors have to pay a monthly fee and carts are being transported by van, small motor, or by hand.

Now, the bad news is for all the aspiring entrepreneurs is that you cannot apply for a new permit for food trucks anymore. The city has stopped issuing new permits due to the increasing demand. Then again you might ask why I see new food ventures all the time. It is because you can rent from an existing owner and also there is an active black market for a premium price. It is said that for a two-year permit there are a waitlist of fifteen (15!) years, yes you read that right.

‘’It is not only about getting a permit but to maintain it, the rules and regulations are getting difficult for all of us’’ told Nahian Jadeed, an Afghan Gyro vendor to New York Art Life. The strictness of the city in order to establish a hygienic food environment has created challenges for many workers like Jadeed. Not only cleanliness but also rigid measures to run business in a residential area making the business even more competitive.

The good news is that the NYC Health Department is releasing permits for mobile food vendors to operate Green Carts. This permit allows vending of fresh fruits and vegetables, including prepackaged sliced and cut fruits and vegetables, bottled drinking water, and plain nuts in designated areas. Only for a limited time you will have the opportunity to apply for a Green Card, sorry Green CART.

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