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Learn About Nadine Hart: A Performer Specialized in Accents


Every month New York Art Life recognizes and selects from a broad range of creative applicants, an expert artist, and creative professional to shed light on her achievements. 

This month we were especially impressed with Nadine Hart’s achievements as international performer and accent specialist. Not only has Nadine performed in classic productions such as The Diary of Anne Frank, she has also served as a Voice Over artist from Air Ideal Inc., one of the oldest trade companies in NYC! 

We can’t wait to hear about her accomplishments and the professional advice she has to give to our audience. 

NY Art Life 

Thank you so much for sitting down and speaking with us. You have one of the most widely unique profiles for a performer that we have encountered. Your mastery of a multitude of accents is so impressive. 

Nadine Hart 

Thank you so much! I’m so excited to be here and I am truly humbled to have been selected by NY Art Life. The publication is truly renowned among performers and creatives and it is an honor to truly share my experience. 

About my accents, I am truly dedicated to my craft and I have mastered 11 accents, including the standard US accent. My accent expertise is truly unique and has allowed me to perform in all different types of productions such as film, theatre, podcast, and traditional voice-over work. 

For example, I served as the Narrator (Lead) for the Air Ideal corporate Commercial. Voice-over work is especially challenging because one has to “act” through her voice. There is no body language, mannerisms, or setting for the audience to contextualize the work. For voice-over work, performing is more complex and high stakes because it is purely based on tonality, diction, accents, speed, volume, etc.  

These are complex challenges that not every performer can successfully manage. 

NY Art Life 

Can you tell us how else you have used your accent expertise? 

Nadine Hart 

My knowledge of accents is a skill that I used consistently in the theatre industry. 

I am one of the principal members of The 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company. As a principal and main member I work directly with Artistic Director Ronnie Marmo, who has been reviewed by the New York Times and is known for Criminal Minds (2005), General Hospital (1963), and West of Brooklyn (2008). 

As a principal member, I was selected to perform the lead Piper in the production “A Moment of Gravity”. Piper is an impulsive pilot of a spacecraft that is waylaid from its usual course by an unknown emergency.

But even before performing in the US professionally, I also performed in the UK, where I am originally from. It was such an honor and a professional accomplishment to perform at the Brighton Fringe Festival, one of the largest theatre festivals in the UK. I performed my original work Kelly and Whitney’s Bucket“, which I co-wrote, co-created and co-directed.

NY Art Life 

We completely agree. Part of why we are so impressed with your professional career is because your performance style is so versatile. Can you tell us about the film King Jeongjo? 

Nadine Hart 

Absolutely, this was one of my favorite projects! I performed the female lead in this film and this part was written specifically for me.  Impressively, King Jeongjo recently was presented at the 2020 Concourse Film Festival, which is a film festival dedicated to screening the best independent cinema.

I love acting on camera as it requires a different sort of vulnerability than performing on stage. Particularly TV/Streaming shows, require strength and restraint which is not often present in theatre productions. This is why I am especially proud of my featured and critical role on the Amazon Prime streaming show Cherry Bomb! I also perform in a featured and critical role for 21st Century Demon Hunter, written and directed by Charles D. Lincoln (“Theresa & Allison”), son of prolific adult film star Fred J. Lincoln.  

NY Art Life 

Do you have any parting words of advice for your fans? 

Nadine Hart 

Develop your niche and expertise and the industry. I am widely known in the NY Theatre scene for my accent expertise and this truly makes me stand out from my peers in this competitive industry. 

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