Friday 12 July, 2024

Interview with Jenna Pereira: A Performer’s Life After the Pandemic


Each week, we have the privilege to sit down with an amazing artist to talk about their passion, as well as their vision for their respective field. This time around, we are happy to be able to speak to a performer and actor who has been immersed into the world of performing arts with her unique artistry. Today’s talk is with singer and actor, Jenna Pereira.

NY Art Life: Thank you so much for joining us. We are so happy to have you and talk to you about your career. Please tell us a bit about the way you define yourself, as an artist.

Jenna Pereira: Thank you, it is a pleasure speaking with you as well. I am a singer and actor. I have a deep love for performing arts and have been fortunate to work in that realm for a while now.

NY Art Life: What project are you currently working on?

Jenna Pereira: I am currently playing Rose in a show called “Phantom Folktales” that is produced by PigPen Theater Company. It is extremely exciting to be back, to be able to perform after a long time of being indoors and fearing what shut down our industry for the past two years. It is also really interesting this time acting, as our stage is on Virgin Voyages! So, it’s literally on a cruise. I always imagined the day I would return to the stage and begin a new show, but I never imagined it would be on a cruise.

NY Art Life: That is fascinating. It must be incredibly exciting for the audience as well! Could you tell us more about coming back to the stage after the pandemic?

Jenna Pereira: It was exciting but terrifying at the same time. The pandemic shut most plays and performances down, but there was a small number of productions that continued running with virtual shows. Even in that type of world, we didn’t have the audience, which is a huge part of every show. Online productions had their pros and cons, and it is a bit different performing online. There is a sheer panic that overcomes every performer once they see a crowd watching them, but that panic is necessary. So, it was a bit scary when I began performing again. I started with “The Comeback Cabaret “After the pandemic, where I performed in person again. After that, I performed a Christmas Cabaret Sing-Along, which was also incredible because of the audience. I was so happy to perform again and the excitement that came with the audience was something I had been missing for a while.

NY Art Life: That is amazing. It is great to hear how bringing back shows in person has affected your work positively. What are your goals with staying in New York?

Jenna Pereira: I really love New York City, and the power of performance here. There is a magnetic energy that is quite difficult to find elsewhere, which is something every actor and performer wants to feel. I want to continue to perform, entertain, and teach about theatre. Serving as a teaching artist at Kidville, I am enthusiastic about introducing theatre and using it as a tool to internalize information.      

NY Art Life: Without a doubt. What advice do you have for young actors who want to move to New York City?

Jenna Pereira: I would tell them to genuinely believe in themselves and the power they bring to the performance. The energy of each actor can really transform a story and bring forward unknown elements that complement the performance. And do not be shy! Look up opportunities and study them: Think about the roles you see online and do not be afraid to submit. It is in those submissions where you find a role you think you like, or a role you believe you can perform well, and then you audition! That audition could lead you to many places, but it is important to continuously search to get that audition in the first place. Also, do not be afraid of hearing no. Every rejection prepares you for the next role, the next audition, which is like practicing your craft. And finally, have fun!

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