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Christine Cheng: the talented Taiwanese performer, known for her extraordinary indigenous and traditional folkloric dance.


This week New York Art Life has the pleasure to introduce the artist, dancer and choreographer Christine Cheng.

We are profiling her due to her international achievements as a specialized dancer in traditional Asian folk dances.

An expert performer, she has mastered a multitude of complex genres such as modern/contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, basic tap, hip-hop, body contact and the specialized traditional Asian folk dances.

With the resurgence in indigenous and traditional dance, she has reached significant achievements in the performing arts industry, by being involved in numerous projects. Like for example, the productions “Splendor of Taiwan” and “Passport to Taiwan”.

As a leading international performer, it is of no surprise that she served in the leading capacity of Lead Dancer and choreographer for the “Splendor of Taiwan” an international performing arts.

In the production “Spendor of Taiwan”, Christine was the principal dancer and performed the lead role in the shows: “Snatching the Stool”, “Puppet Glove Drama”, “Taiwanese Opera” and “Ji-Dan, The Drunken Monk”.

Splendor of Taiwan” was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Education of Taiwan and required Christine to travel 14 cities and perform internationally in top venues in the US and Canada.

With the success of the tour, this production has also helped to promote friendly diplomatic relations, to strengthen links with the oversea communities, and to enhance the international image of Taiwan.

Christine Cheng the little brother in Snatching the Stool, Splendor of Taiwan.
Christine Cheng the little brother in Snatching the Stool, Splendor of Taiwan.

Christine’s success does not end there. In the US, she was selected to perform in the lead role in “Journey to Broadway” for the production of “Passport to Taiwan”.

The largest Taiwanese American theatre festival in the US, where Christina performed the lead role of Sheila. The songs and dance in the show were from a variety of Broadway musicals and feature the world premiere of original choreography by Christine. The show was created and led by the Artistic Director of Forecast Productions, Christian Fletcher, in New York City, and AMCreative, located in Taiwan.

Christine Cheng in one of her performances.

A true leader is often to impart her knowledge to new performers. Christine is also very passionate about teaching dance, by inspiring individuals to conquer fears with creative thoughts and to feel confident about their bodies and talent.

Due to Christine’s advanced expertise strong commitment to the field, and tenacious work ethic, she was invited by the prestigious American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) to join the Dance Faculty.

(AMDA) is one of the world’s premier institutions for the performing arts, launching the most successful careers in theatre, film and television. With campuses located in New York City and Los Angeles, AMDA is one of the only performing arts institutions offering Master of Arts and Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees (BFA), Associate of Occupational Studies Degrees, and Professional Conservatory Certificates. In 2020, ranked AMDA first in the US, as a College for Performing Arts.

This prestigious institution offered Christine Cheng the Lead Role of Teaching Artist within Integrated Program, Studio Program and Dance Theatre Program, and as she joined the faculty for Fall Term, she quickly became a valued member of the AMDA faculty.

On top of her knowledge in the field of dance, she also demonstrates a high level of emotional intelligence; the American Musical & Dramatic Academy referenced her and said: ‘with her respectful nature and sense of humor, she has connected to many of us and has proven trustworthy and honest in her interactions with her superiors, co-workers, and students’.

Through this experience Christine Cheng was able to have a positive teaching impact on students, by guiding them through dance challenges and by encouraging and telling them her personal experiences, proving that, other than being a brilliant performer, she also owns professional teaching skills.

Postcards and letters from AMDA students to Christine


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