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The 5 Most Important African American Artists in New York

New York is a haven for artists and all people who enjoy

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NYC. Harlem Apollo Theater – The Olympus of Music

Apollo Theater, mostly known as the ‘’Soul of American Culture’’ is a

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What’s So Funny About a Comedy Club?

Ever wonder what happens in a comedy club? Think of a usual

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My New York Encounter with the French Spider Louise Bourgeois

The city of New York and its inhabitants are not immune from

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Crypto Art and New York

Food for thought; pinning down some significant events and/or report related to

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Africa Art

Art is a visual object or experience consciously created through an expression

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Designing Beyond Function: Graphics and Products

There is so much to be said about graphic design in the

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Home Sweet Home: How to weave home as art, The Media Art of Hyemi Kim.

During the height of the COVID pandemic, and still to this day

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The Memory of Youth, The Poetic Prt of Francesco Bruno.

Francesco Bruno is a young  Italian artist born in the historical city

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