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Interview with Marvelous Compositor Angelina Vania Hadiputri 

We are overly excited to speak with the new artist we have

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The 5 Most Important African American Artists in New York

New York is a haven for artists and all people who enjoy

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Power of Filmmaking and Passions of the Art: Titus Cole

It is always exciting to listen to filmmakers speak about their experiences,

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9 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Central Park

Central Park is one of the most important places in New York

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The Beaty and Necessity of Design: Heer Mandalia

Each week New York Art Life recognizes and selects from a wide

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Interview with Jenna Pereira: A Performer’s Life After the Pandemic

Each week, we have the privilege to sit down with an amazing

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The Man Who Pays No Rent

The title above might be skeptical at first but what if I

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Performances Post Pandemic: An Actor to Watch

The pandemic hit many industries hard with the closure of businesses, events,

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Social Media and the Growth of Art:

5 Tips for Influencers. It has been long known that social media

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