Friday 12 July, 2024

An Award-winning Visual Artist That Is Taking Storytelling To The Next Level


An Award-Winning Visual Artist That Will Take Your Story to the Next Level.
Storytelling is an endeavor reserved for only the most expert creative professionals. Mohammed takes it to the new level through his specialized knowledge of typography. His artistry is composed of writing, typography, language, queerness, and experiments to reconcile these elements.
He is a versatile and multidimensional artist that has won awards, exhibited his work in top venues, and worked as a designer for top institutions.

An internationally sought after designer, he has been bestowed numerous awards, including The Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the Type Directors Club and The Typography Annual Trophy for his work in the Communication Arts.

Additionally, he has exhibited at AIGA: New Voices, Unique Visions link, Type Directors Club: World’s Best Typography, and L’Art Pur Gallery.
What makes Mohammed stand out is not only his dedication to the arts, but his knowledge of commercial design. Mohammed has designed for top brands and institutions such as Jet Blue (the airline company) and MIT (the leading US university).
What makes him different from other artists is his expertise and his ability to tell the story of his clients and to visualize and create designs that match the success and reputation of his clients. He is a sensational designer and visual artist and his storytelling will uniquely position your brand for success.
In addition to performing in such renowned venues, he has also performed in a lead role for the productions Gap Year and Green Shoes on behalf of JAG Creative Media. 
These achievements define Mohammed as an expert and his excellent work speaks for itself. 

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