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9 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Central Park


Central Park is one of the most important places in New York City. It is such an essential piece of nature that New Yorkers can enjoy, as much as tourists do with every visit. But there is more to this grand place than a park and greenery. There are many spots that are iconic and reminiscent of an era or memory. In this article, we are highlighting nine spots that every New Yorker should visit in order to get the full Central Park experience.

  1. Bethesda Fountain and Terrace

Bethesda Fountain is one of the most beautiful parts of Central Park. The statue on top of the fountain is called Angel of Waters and is a work of art. When visited on a crowded day, one can see brides and grooms come to take photos as a married couple. It is truly a happy spot!

  • Conservatory Garden

What is Central Park without the unique trees and family of greens? The garden is only six acres but enough for a relaxation session. It’s divided into three sections English, French, and Italian. It is one of the quietest spots in the park and is sometimes even reserved for weddings.

  • Strawberry Fields

This spot is an emblem for John Lennon of the Beatles. This is where he lost his life tragically, but also where he is honored by people he impacted with the beauty of his art. It is one of the most visited spots of the park, with people usually taking pictures of the “Imagine” design that is carved into the asphalt. Sometimes people even bring flowers to honor John Lennon.

  • Wollman Ice Rink

Whether you ice skate or not, this rink is a place you don’t want to miss! The most unique thing about the rink is how it is surrounded by nature and modern skyscrapers alike. It’s a very joyous visit as children ice skate in a city full of small apartments.

  • Shakespeare Garden

This garden is 4 acres and has most of the plant species mentioned in the famed poet’s works. It feels inspiring to sit down and look at the greenery, or to write a poem. The most exciting thing about the garden is that the plants change each season.

  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

The reservoir is a perfect pathway for runners, joggers, walkers, and all park goers alike. It’s truly beautiful and the water reflects blue hue of New York sky magically. It is located between 86th and 96th streets.

  • Loeb Boathouse

The Loeb Boathouse is one of the places where people go to rowboats on the lake while getting a fancy table for a pleasant meal. The restaurant is known for its quality food and having a beautiful view of the lakeside. There is no Wifi, so people can relax and enjoy their food with an unmatchable view.

  • Belvedere Castle

The name of the castle means beautiful in Italian, which is true. The castle sits at the highest point of altitude within the park with special shrubs and trees surrounding it. This is a great spot for people to stand and observe other areas of the park as it is the highest in altitude.

  • Delacorte Theater

Last but not least, a spot for art and theater lovers: the Delacorte Theater. This is an open space where artists perform Shakespearean plays for free. It is mostly crowded and tough to find a perfect spot to enjoy the show, but once you’re there, you’ll be glad you made it!

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