Friday 12 July, 2024

The infinite love for all artists, without exception.


Off-the-cuff writing

Dear friends near and far, according to my experience in the fascinating world of art, I have learned that an artist needs two things to create masterpieces.

Talent and work.

Art is not improvised, even intuition is the result of the study, research, work, work, and continuous work. I know artists who destroyed their canvases after days, months of work, they considered their garbage. Artists who have redone the same subjects hundreds of times, nights, and days to try and try again. Do not sleep, do not eat for days. It is from this crazy capitulation that I became clear about what the word Art contains. Art is sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, madness, research, study, experience, the ability to observe, and again love, passion. Hours and hours of watching, viewing, studying, understanding. A continuous desire to communicate, to seek one’s own perfection. Transforming the idea into strength, sadness, energy, love, eroticism. And all this energy and effort that each artist puts into art turns into a few and precious masterpieces. So, the masterpieces, even if produced by a single artist, are the result of a collective research effort. All the efforts dedicated to the world of art are transformed into precious pearls that we call masterpieces. And all this immense work produced by the artistic community you perceive when you are in front of a masterpiece. A masterpiece is the synthesis of all this energy. When you are in front of a masterpiece you feel it on your skin, a strange sensation, the seventh sense is activated that none of us can describe but all we can perceive. You smell it, you understand that every line, color, shape, light, has been morbidly thought, scrutinized, and strongly desired. The mind gets lost and begins to float in space. Of course, not all of them are masterpieces, but they all serve to produce it. And all this enormous effort is produced by the artists (without exception). Women and Men who get lost in front of a canvas, an empty space, remain sleepless in creating and seeking. I dedicate this reflection to artists (no one excluded). To those who inspire and contribute to giving life to Art, I dedicate it to those who never give up, who fall and get up, who get lost and find each other again. I dedicate it to their strength, madness, fragility, their doubts, their weaknesses. I dedicate it to their feeling alive, and sometimes death. Therefore every artist (no one excluded) must be encouraged, supported at all times. As on the edge of a road, we encourage all marathon runners, so we must encourage artists to continue, not to give up, to believe in their art. We believe in them and in all their art forms. We are all aware that every artist (no one excluded) gives his contribution to the immense world that is called Art. And for this reason, we art lovers love them all.

Coffee and bagels for everyone (no one excluded).

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