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Yesora Song: Artist Specialized in Figurative Paintings


Yesora Song’s paintings explore spaces that are in between real and surreal. Her paintings create poetry in the ambiguity of spaces and expressions.

Your work is magnificent! It’s extremely rare to find an artist that works commercially for a major company and who also exhibits her work. Tell us a bit more about that.

I am an Artist at Evergreen Architectural Arts. Since 1978 EverGreene Architectural Arts has been providing pre-construction, construction and new design services for some of the world’s most memorable buildings. Some of our clients include major museums such as Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I’ve painted and done related jobs on figurative and decorative large-scale murals for buildings including St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, Fort Collins, Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, Hotel Macao, and many others.
Besides mural works, my own paintings are inspired by light and spaces. The power of light is that it tells the story and time. I like to explore ambiguous and magical spaces. I’ve exhibited my works several times at Ouchi gallery in Brooklyn.

That’s fascinating. Can you tell us more about your artistic background?

I also served as a Curator and Artist Liaison at the New York Art Center, one of the top galleries in NYC. NewYorkART•com is #1 in the App Store and #3 on google for ‘New York Art’ for visitors coming to New York looking for a cultural experience. In this role I worked very closely with artists through social media and I played a role in the installation of their art pieces in the gallery.

Fantastic! What makes you different from other artists?

As an Asian artist, I have a unique perspective of being part of different realities and that comes through in my work. My work is known for making personal and abstract concepts easily accessible and understandable. That is why I’m known as a figurative artist. I am planning on sharing my stories as an Asian woman in the future.

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