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The Memory of Youth, The Poetic Prt of Francesco Bruno.


Francesco Bruno is a young  Italian artist born in the historical city of Naples.

He is an artist with a unique vision. His art is mainly focused on retrospective objects from our recent past, which are fading away from our memory due to the advancement of technology. 

Historically, Naples has long been a global point of reference for humanism and enlightenment as it is also considered the capital of the Baroque because of the artistic revolution inspired by Caravaggio. So, one can say that it is almost natural that Francesco Bruno imbibed himself with art and is revolutionizing it by adding a special factor (time-travel) in his work, which allows his audience to relive their old memories in the most amazing way they could ever imagine.

Francesco’s work not only transcends time and space to connect the past and the present but also brings equilibrium in one’s life by suppressing all negative feelings that one has within oneself.  

We don’t see this type of work often because of its uniqueness and perfection.

Francesco’s excellent work is derived from his deep understanding of his surrounding environment through contemplative and meditative practices, and his strong passion and devotion to have a positive impact on the world through his artwork. He expresses that remark with these words: I try in my works to re-propose objects from our recent past imprinted in our collective memory. A new representative form that comes naturally to me from my pictorial cycle. They are results of research devoted to contemplation and meditation.

Landline Telephone By Francesco Bruno

Arguably, in every magnificent work that one does, there is an inspiration, or a goal, or a vision that keeps one thriving to reach the throne that one is aiming for. Francesco shares with us his thoughts: My inspiration is driven sometimes by the material that guides me through the work, with the experimental use of different techniques. In my case, it’s a combination of acrylic, enamel, oil pastel on a wooden support. But, I always remain convinced that it is the work that I do that speaks for itself, and that few accompanying words are needed or perhaps one only.

With the advancement of new technologies, people tend to neglect or perhaps forget the inestimable value of the past simply because of either a lack of knowledge or a lack of reminders about it. With that being said, one just needs to pay simple attention and a logical interpretation to Francesco’s work to realize that he conveys a strong message through his art as he states: Time is one of the most important factors that affect our lives. It perhaps helps reinterpret and give us new images, but from every job as it is often the case, the inspiration for all that modern art has its genesis in the past after all, although it seems to deny it. Therefore, studying the past, and reinventing those old memories help to create a better future.

After this amazing overview, let’s introduce some examples among others of Francesco’s artworks: olds Tv, a landline telephone, and a chair.

As one can see, Francesco executes his works with perfection, from the biggest details to the smallest ones. He considers every aspect whether it is the geometry of the painted object, the material used, the combination of colors, the location of the object in the overall painting,  or the background colors of the artwork.

For example, the Algol-Brionvega, 1964 portable TV painting, a glorious piece of work, layers upon layers that resonate with multi-texture of colors, and the unmistakable signature of Francesco’s line of work.  He uses strong colors for the tv and the surface area where it is sitting to accentuate that the tv is the main part while he uses light colors (blue color at in the back to depict space, and blue spaced lines to symbolize the propagation of the electromagnetic signals traveling through time and space to display the audio-visual images on the screen of the tv). Also, the tv is displayed diagonally on the painting to maintain equilibrium, and the organic colors he uses to make his artwork even more fantastic and original.

Old design chair with a standing lamp by Francesco Bruno.

By seeing his works, one cannot resist but to immerse themselves in a deep reconnection with the recent old days like they are traveling back in time.  Francesco’s work looks simple and yet it makes relive that wonderful and nostalgic era when the world was racing against the clock to upgrade the technology to a greater level.

Bruno’s work has several exhibitions in Italian cities such as Naples 2007-2021, Valencia 2008, and Pescara 2009.

With such uniqueness and perfection, Francesco Bruno remains undeniably one of the most talented artists of his generation.  

The Artist Francesco Bruno
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