Saturday 18 May, 2024

The Man Who Pays No Rent


The title above might be skeptical at first but what if I tell you that not only it’s a fact but the ultimate truth. Yes, you heard that right because it’s 2022 and you can still live in ”the city that never sleeps” and pay no rent at all. The concept is super and so is the name because of the perks and benefits this specific job allows you to be a free rider in the most expensive city in the world.

Building Superintendent, widely known as a Super is generally the person living inside of a facility who doesn’t have mandatory monthly rent. Most of the time a Super lives inside of the big apartment buildings and one of the major perks of this job is the rent is waived for the building in charge. Sounds interesting right as you might be paying more than two grand for a standard family house which is ironically not standard in terms of the cost & value exchange. When you hear about a dream job that offers in-house living with a more than average paying salary you feel euphoric but ignores the other side of the story.

A building superintendent is responsible for almost everything in an apartment. Fixing your broken window (not all the time) from garbage removal (all the time), calming down the crazy tenants (sometimes) to constantly reporting to the landlords (most of the time) the job is not only challenging but exhausting in so many ways. However, a perfect Super having years of experience along with a little bit of creativity can nail this ‘’mission impossible’’ and maintain harmony as well as balance in the community. So, be respectful to your Super if you don’t usually and try to become one if you think you are Super in real life.

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