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Jinho Woo: An International Performer With Star Appeal


Jinho is a performer who has performed in shows in both his native Korea and in the theatre capital of the world. In NY, he performed at the iconic Fringe Festival, one of the largest theatre festivals, as the lead in the production of K-Theatre. He also performed with the Tectonic Theatre, directed by the famous Moses Kaufman in the production of Daisy. In his native Korea, he performed in Fanta-Stick, the longest running modern Gukak musical, having celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019.
Jinho generously sat down with us to discuss his work in NYC.

Did you face any special challenges in performing in the critical role of Comic?

I am extremely dedicated to my craft and strive to really connect with my character. It is very important to me to deliver a strong authenticity to my character. For example, it took 4 months of to learn how to play the complex Buk, a traditional Korean drum; Kkwaenggwari, Burna (rolling plate with a stick), Djembe, Beatboxing and Sangmo. I also needed to learn stage combat and master all of the comedic timing.
It was an incredible honor to perform in the longest running Gukak musical.

That’s an amazing theatre credit! Can you give me an example of some of your work in NYC.

I performed in the lead role of Trent in the film A Place in the Dark, which was directed by Robert O. Peters, an award-winning Nigerian film producer who has worked with celebrities such as Lynn Whitfield, Vivica Fox. This was a Florida based production. The film follows Trent, who experiences a tragic loss and his journey through self-forgiveness and learning to live and love again.

Have you performed in any theatre productions?

Yes, I performed two very important roles in Doctor Faustus, an Elizabethan tragedy by Christopher Marlowe. Marlowe examines Faustus’s grandiose intellectual ambitions, revealing them as futie, self-destructive, and absurd.
My character Wagner is a servant, who is extremely clever who keeps Faustus on his toes. The Horse Courser is a horse trader who buys a horse from Faustus.
This show was performed at The Secret Theatre, which has been featured in and

What is a memorable professional achievement?

It is an amazing recognition of my work to participate in a special workshop with the Tectonic Theatre Company directed by Moises Kaufman, who won the 2016 National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama. During this special workshop, I performed in a piece, entitled Daisy at The Black Box Theater,, which was an eclectic and experimental piece.

What are your goals?

I hope to continue to perform with amazing directors and to pave the way for other performers who are dedicated to creativity, authenticity, and artistry.

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