Sunday 16 June, 2024

Inside the Mind of Architectural Artist Lucia Dudorova


Lucia designing a model in Revit for  Steris Isomedix Services, an international sterilization company.
International architect Lucia is creating a storm as an Architect at V. Paulius and Associates. Entrusted to work on some of the firm’s most important project she is the go to architect for classic european designs.
Beginning as a design consulting firm, VPA quickly grew into a complete building design and construction organization. VPA has designed and constructed over $1 billion of customized storage, distribution and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, Canada, and Eastern Europe for a variety of clients including many Fortune 500 companies.

Lucia was selected to work as an architect at VPA because of her unique European design sensibilities mixed with her American influence. She is a great admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright and is fascinated by Fallingwater in Pennsylvania.

At VPA, she works on architectural elevations and designs of buildings. Additionally, she is responsible for the interiors of a building and she chooses the floor finishes/materials, paint color, toilet accessories, and more. Additionally, she is required to provide predesign figures such as an environmental impact or feasibility study, cost analysis and land-use study. Final construction plans are created by her and used by builders as a step-by-step guide on how the look and details of the building will play out, including plumbing, communication and heating, electrical, ventilation and structural systems.
One of her most important achievements while working for VPA is designing and executing the cold storage renovation project for Alpha Cold Storage located in Port Cartaret Industrial Sea Port Complex, Cartaret, NJ. The project consisted of the conversion of an existing paper recycling facility into a multi room cold storage distribution centre (approximately 77,000 sq.ft). This was a monumental project which required Lucia’s strong understanding of the structural aspects of the project along with the aesthetics of it since it was located in a public location, such as the sea port.
As an influential architect, leading projects for VPA she is undeniably one of the most exciting architects!

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