Sunday 16 June, 2024

“Art pays, even well”. The richest painter of 2022


Art and money have always had a strong contrast in the common imagination, seeing art as a vocation free from vile money. Fortunately, if you have talent, perseverance, and if you are born under a lucky star, art can make your life less difficult than many other professions. Who is the richest artist in 2022, an artist who is lucky enough to have a long list of investors ready to put tons of dollars on the table to buy his works? Funny, satirical, brilliant.

Let’s talk about John Currin. Born in 1962, an old-fashioned artist painter with a satirical Renaissance style. I don’t think he has problems paying the rent, Currin is the most quoted and richest artist of 2022. His artistic heritage has been estimated at around 1.5 billion dollars, also higher than Daniel Hirst and Jeff Koons. Three of his most famous works by him are Hot Pants, Honeymoon Nude, Nude on a Table. Scenes of ordinary social life, seasoned with a pure explicit, and veiled eroticism. Awaken in us the love of old-fashioned painting. The interpretation of female eros, and the affluent American society, give a surreal and grotesque image to his paintings. An elegant and never vulgar style. To all our readers I wish you to buy one soon.

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