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An Eye for Design: Graphic Designer Janet Chan and her Unique Vision


Janet continues to challenge our ideas of branding and design by consistently creating unique ways of storytelling. Her experience working for top companies and institutions such as Thinx and the Metropolitan Museum of Art have molded her into the expert designer that she is today.  Her multifaceted understanding of visual imagery can best be seen in her work for Thinx. Thinx is a New York-based company that makes feminine hygiene products. The company’s advertisements and marketing campaigns have been hailed as immensely creative and essential to the dialogue of openness and inclusion of women’s bodies. Janet, who has been instrumental in crafting the brand’s artistic direction, website, and marketing campaigns share with us some of her thoughts: Thinx is the type of brand that I really enjoyed working with, because it allowed me to really explore a minimalist aesthetic while delivering an extremely powerful message. I was the company’s Brand Designer and I worked on the branding for one of the company’s new products: Thinx Super. With limited props and a tight budget, I was able to create conceptual imagery with a more serious tone yet still on-brand and that really helped the consumer understand that Thinx is taking their menstrual hygiene needs as our top priority. Another example, my campaign “Thinx air” featured figures floating in mesh fabric inspired landscape background and was instrumental in promoting Thinx’s new product.

In Janet’s career, she has also designed marketing materials, enhanced the branding, and established the identity materials  for top institutions such as Yale Law School and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, arguably one of the most important museums in the world. But no project is too big or small for her, including her exhibition design of  the exhibit Living in America. This monumental exhibition required a design expertise that Janet is known for in the field.  Currently, Janet is a Senior Designer at WeShouldDoItAll, a boutique design studio with major clients such as Nike, Pandora, and Spotify. Janet shed light on her work with this design studio:  As a Senior Designer, I am entrusted to work with the studio’s major clients including Nike and architecture studio David Jaehning Architect. I am responsible for branding and matching the client’s aesthetic on all mediums from printed matter to website and signage. I have just started at the studio and our latest work with Nike was to build and expand their “You Can’t Stop Us” digital campaign during the global COVID-19 pandemic. With their original planned campaign canceled due to the Olympics being canceled and other major global changes, this new campaign may stretch across many months and needs to have an identity that is fresh and flexible, staying relevant to the different themes that Nike typically celebrates throughout the year. Janet has 8 years of experience and she continues to push the boundaries of design with the clients she selects and her unique vision. Her dedication to truly understanding the aesthetics and identity of a company allow her to develop her eye for design.

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